Fun Facts About Birthday Cakes

Birthdays are very special, on your birthday you get to have gift, your favorite meal and you get a beautiful cake too. And there is not much excitement in a birthday without a birthday cake. Cakes play a good role in birthdays. Since, everything has a history, an interesting fact is that birthday cakes also, have history and fun ridiculous and crazy facts. Having the biggest and the fanciest cake has become a trend now either it’s a birthday, wedding or any other celebration. Back in the days, people only had one or two flavors cake but now the number of flavor of cakes are as many as there are many varieties of fruits.

One of the bizarre fun fact is that, in the UAE, almost AED 370 million is spent on birthday cakes annually which makes triple the candles that are used throughout the year. And the worth of AED 1 million money is spent on cakes, in just one day. And if you think of the world almost 500 to 100 million cakes are baked every single day. Now these are so many cakes to bake. Birthday cakes have a long history as well, although it is still not completely confirmed where was the fist cake baked or how is looked it. But most researches say that, the Germans made the first cake and introduced the trend of cakes. But that cake was like what we eat, that cake was just a bread and in soft texture. And it tasted like any ordinary bread. In Germany language, cakes are Geburtstagskuchen.

You must have heard people ordering cake that costs more than 100 grand or a price anywhere near it. But did you know that the most expensive cake was of 80 million in U.S dollars and a Sheikh of UAE bought it secretly. It had more than 4000 diamonds, don’t know what were they doing in a cake, but anyway, it had the finest of all ingredients. These were the only two reasons it was sold so pricy. Hope the taste was worth it!

Since, UAE is in the top list of the cake baking department, and if you are one of the expats and looking for cake, you can search on Google for the best cake shop in Dubai, you will get hundreds of results and there are many bakeries who offer online birthday cake delivery in Dubai.