Tips On Designing A Winning Exhibition Booths

For some companies, joining fairs is essential for their marketing and promotion. It is a way to get the word out to a group of target audience that is already present in the event and possibly close some deals to help with their sales.

With that, it is a must that they create a stunning booth design that can sell. If you are planning on joining an exhibit soon, here are some tips from top exhibition stand contractors in Dubai that you can follow:

  1. Design for your audience

One of the reasons why some event booths and exhibition fails is because it is designed for the wrong audience, and most of the time, it is based on what the upper management wants. But keep in mind that they are not the ones who will buy your products. Let your design be inspired by your potential buyers. You need to know what you pique their interest and captivate their attention, design-wise. Draw out a list of visual cues that you think would encourage them to visit your booth.

  1. Make it interactive

Fun games is part of a successful and winning booth, but you can level it up by making it interactive digitally. Audiences today are drawn by technology. They are amazed of what it can do and what it can offer. Try installing some equipment in your booth where the audience can use it in real time. Some companies install big touchscreen where booth visitors can use it to share their booth experience. That is just one of them.

  1. Try mixing up different materials

Using the same old design materials might be a little boring and expected. Try to up your booth game by mixing and matching different materials for your design. The combination can be anything, from soft fabrics to metal brass. Just be sure that the materials are still in line with your design theme.

  1. Do not forget the branding

It is easy to forget the branding once you get overwhelmed by ideas. But as much as possible, give your booth design a touch of the company colors. Using your brand colors would remind the audience whose booth they are visiting.

  1. Do not make it too overwhelming

The temptation to put a dozen of design elements in your booth is quite difficult to resist. But you need to restrain yourself and go back to the purpose of having a booth. Too much design elements might confuse your public as to what message you want to relay.

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