Myths about Custom tailors

Are you looking for a dashing suit for your wedding or a gentleman suit for your meetings and conference or a smart formal for a cocktail party? Well, no worries as you have several options hanging in the rack or just simply go for custom tailoring Dubai which will provide you with the best size and style uniquely made for you. But before you jump right into getting one, just take a look at these misconceptions about custom suits:

  • Loose fit is a comfortable fit?

Whenever you would go for custom tailoring they will always take such measurements when completed will give you the perfect fit neither too loose nor too tight so this theory is actually redundant. A loose fitting instead is going to make you look unprofessional because it will look like you are a lazy or a sloppy person. This way you are never compromising your style for comfort or comfort for style. Everything should have a proper balance and it is not only about suits but same goes for the dress pant and other suits.

  • Only get custom suit when the rack ones don’t have your size

A custom suit is made to fit your body throughout all the phases of life which can also be altered. The problem with the rack ones is that you cannot get them tailored to your size once you have already played that card. So when your body goes through a change you would not have any other option than getting a new one. Imagine spending so much money and time on sifting through different racks for the right one and spending a good chunk once in your life on a custom made suit. Which one sounds more convenient?

  • The quality is same

This is certainly not true but if you still believe it then we don’t know what to tell you. How are you supposed to know the quality of such product whose manufacturing you know nothing about? Compare it to a product which you have handpicked and seen it come to life in front of your own eyes and then tell if they both seem like the same to you.

Never fall for such things which sound very untrue and unpractical yourself but just because the whole world suggests it, are you also going to consider it.

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