Easy ways to use agricultural equipment more efficiently

You may have seen many farmers who like to maintain their equipment by themselves. Though it may sound great, it is not a recommended practice. As a farmer, you have spent money on purchasing the equipment, including your favorite Massey Ferguson 37 tractor. Though the agricultural equipment may seem rugged and resilient, pushing it too hard and trying your own expertise may harm it more than you can imagine. It is important to hire a proper service to keep your equipment in top shape. However, you can tweak the equipment using tricks, but only if you know the method. You should consult those who have tweaked theirs successfully and may be using those without an issue. It is highly recommended that you do the following to your agricultural equipment from time to time:

Inspecting the equipment

It is a must to inspect every equipment after a certain period of time. No need to do it after every session, but try it once every week, or ten days at best. Doing so will keep the equipment in working condition. It will help you know as to when the equipment will be sent for scheduled maintenance.

Cleaning on time

Your agricultural equipment remains exposed to mud, sand, and water. If not cleaned properly, chances of it catching rust and damage from dirt may significantly increase. It is very important to inspect every equipment after some time. Also, you should spend time cleaning the equipment properly. Make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly and no dust remains on its surface.

Avoid your expertise

Do you carry own welding equipment and tend to fix the agricultural equipment? It is a dangerous practice and you should avoid it. You are a user, not an expert, or the vendor of the equipment, which is something you should realize. Reduce the use of welding equipment over your agricultural equipment. Instead of doing it by yourself, you should look to send it to the experts.

Protection from rust

Almost all types of agricultural equipment remain exposed to dust and water. This consistent exposure to water may increase the chances of rust. The equipment is made of metal, and if you left it in the wet terrain for some time, it may start to catch the rust.

Always keep your equipment including disc plough, harrow and tractor properly cleaned. Upon finding a problem, take your equipment to the experts instead of trying your own tricks.