5 Tips On Briefing The Performers About The Event

As event organizer, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything will run smoothly, including providing entertainment to the guests. Booking the performers is just one half of the job, you need to ensure that they will perform their best during the event.

To achieve such task, you need to brief your talents before they hit the stage. Here are some quick briefing hacks that might help you out:

  1. Give them a background of the guests and the event


Upon signing an agreement with the entertainment company in Abu Dhabi, the next thing you need to do is talk to the handler and the talents to give them a brief overview about your organization, the upcoming event, and what exactly they are going to do during their performance. Giving them an overview would help them plan their performances. Also, giving them the names of important guests that they would need to greet during their stage performance is a must. This is to avoid confusion and ensure that they would say the right names.


  1. Given them a copy of the program


Apart from the company and event details, you also need to provide them a program sequence that they can use for reference. A program sequence would help them know what part of the program they are included. Without a program, performers might get a little confuse as to when they are going to perform. Also, be sure to update them if there are program changes before and during the event.


  1. Ask for a set list


This is important, especially for musicians. Performers who will sing at the stage would need to provide a set list so the technical team would know what song to play during the performance. For dancers and other acts, you still need to ask for a checklist of background music for their performances.


  1. Provide the logistic details


A week before the event, confirm your booking with the talent agency and remind them of your upcoming event, be sure to give them the complete details about the event – from their venue to their call time. If possible, send them a copy of the invitation they can use for their reference.


  1. Talk to the talents before their performance


Right before their performance, talk to the performers. Give them a boost of confidence to help them perform their best. A word of encouragement would be a good confident booster.

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